Hot Docs Review: God Knows Where I Am

When potential homebuyer Kevin Carbone visits an abandoned New Hampshire farmhouse and peeks through a window, he makes a startling discovery: the body of a middle-aged woman lying on the living room floor next to some scattered notebooks. Her name is Linda A. Bishop, a middle-aged homeless woman who suffered from bi-polar disorder and psychosis.[…]

HOT DOCS Review: Raving Iran

Raving Iran starts with a nighttime drive through the streets of Tehran. Walls and billboards everywhere are festooned with images of religious and political leaders. Our protagonists, Anoosh and Arash, are stopped by police, who search their car but find nothing. The two young men then laugh at having fooled the cops by concealing their[…]

Batman v. Superman: What Movie did the Critics See?

A few days ago, as I was exiting the last Toronto IMAX screening of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a few hundred fans were lined up for an advance screening of Captain America: Civil War. The stylized S on my t-shirt was met by an army of starry shields. I half-jokingly asked if anybody[…]